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The Association of Members of the Thames Television Pension Scheme

Chairman: Bill Wright

The AMTTPS was originally formed in 1991 in order to monitor the Thames Television Pension Scheme and to attempt to persuade the trustees to modify the rules of the scheme to improve benefits for all members that were employed, deferred, or retired and in receipt of a pension. With the incorporation of the scheme into the Pearson Group Pension Plan [PGPP] following the takeover of all of the assets of Thames Television by the Pearson Group in 1993 and the eventual closure of the scheme to contributing members when Pearson Television was sold to RTL, the AMTTPS now has the role of safeguarding the rights of all pensioners within the Thames Television section of the PGPP.

We have a committee of seven who meet twice annually and publish half yearly news letters. The Annual General Meeting is held in October. The AMTTPS has a fully established arrangement with a well-known firm of solicitors with specialist pensions law, trade union and actuarial experience. We are also members of the Occupational Pensioners Alliance, a national pressure group for reform that has in excess of forty member associations representing more than 1.8M individual pensioners. In addition we are closely associated with the Association of Reunited Thames Staff [ARTS] a social organisation for former Thames TV, ABC TV and Rediffusion TV employees.

The AMTTPS will take up issues that are considered by the Committee to be those which have an effect upon a significant number of members of the Thames Television Section of the PGPP. We cannot be involved in the direct resolution of problems that are specific to an individual but are prepared to offer informal advice where appropriate.

You would be well advised to join the AMTTPS if you haven't already done so. Please contact our Hon Treasurer, Andy Fraser, 126 Tavistock Road Fleet Hampshire GU51 4EE - 01252 617055 - for details.

Useful contacts
AMTTPS Chairman
billw.amttps@gmail.com OPA www.opalliance.org.uk
Pearson Pensions
ARTS www.arts-tv.org.uk