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XTCC continues the pursuit of home computer activites that was started when the Computer Club was formed as part of the Thames Television Sports & Social Club. It meets in members' houses (where, we're led to believe, they do take their anoraks off!)

Though the root of XTCC is the computer club, its people are by no means necessarily ex-club members. Nor do they need to be up to speed with computers - in fact, the gatherings can be quite a useful place for problem solving at any level.

The main activity at XTCC gatherings is always the social banter, mostly centred on the 'good old days' at Thames, which normally takes place around a table of buffet food provided by the host, and, as these get-togethers occur at the houses of different members, it makes visits possible by those who might otherwise consider themselves too far away from any single venue. The only cost involved is a £5.00 attendance fee for those that actually turn up, which goes towards the nibbles, soft drinks, and beverages supplied by the host, but most attendees take along a bottle or can of 'something stronger', whatever their personal preference.

Please see the Coming Events page for the date of the next XTCC gathering.